The #1 Nutrition Tip You’ve Never Heard Before

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The #1 Nutrition Tip You’ve Never Heard Before

We’ve all heard of many different fad diets and other nutrition tips that abound online, but for many of us they never seem to work. Maybe we get caught up by eating just that one sweet at work or for drinking that sugary energy drink because we feel sluggish. Whatever the reason, most people fail at their diet very quickly. The problem isn’t really which diet to choose but how to create lifestyle changes that help you stay healthy throughout your life.


The way to create a healthy life starts with your habits. From the time we are very young, we take actions over and over again that become so deeply ingrained in us that we don’t even realize how many of our choices are made for us without even thinking about them. Every habit contains three major components: a trigger, a routine, and a reward.

For example, if you start feeling sluggish, you may reach for a chocolate bar in order to get a quick burst of energy. In this scenario, the sluggish feeling is the trigger, reaching for a chocolate bar is the routine, and the burst of energy is the reward. These types of habits can be found throughout our lives and not just in things like food and exercise.

Building a Better Habit

If you want to build better habits around food and exercise it will require some self-awareness and preparation. Start by writing down any bad habits you can think of that may be playing a role in preventing you from your optimum health. Keep this list handy and add to it as you notice more. Then try to remember a few instances where you acted in line with your habit. See if you can find the actual trigger for your habit.

When you think you’ve located a possible trigger, it’s usually simple to find the routine and reward as well. Then you can start on changing that routine that is causing you trouble. Instead of focusing on the habit, you are going to focus on the trigger. Try to notice anytime you feel the trigger and then find a new more beneficial way to get the same reward.

Using the example above of the chocolate bar, perhaps next time you feel low energy you can look for nuts or fruit to give you an energy boost. You may even opt to take a walk. Just moving around can give you a boost of energy. Whatever you decide you want your new habit to be, start to consciously use this new routine anytime you feel the trigger.

Other examples of triggers may include:

  • Boredom
  • Grief
  • Time of Day
  • Family

As your brain begins to notice a similar reward, you can start to rewrite a new pathway in your brain. This will take some time, but by noticing and focusing on the trigger while getting the same reward you can shortcut the process to developing new better habits and creating the healthy life that you want.

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