The Most Important Component of Your Diet & Nutrition Plan

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The Most Important Component of Your Diet & Nutrition Plan

Many different options are available on the internet for crafting the perfect diet plan. No matter what diet or nutrition plan that you follow, a cookie cutter approach is never going to provide you with all of the answers. Because here is the thing… All the cookie cutter approaches in the world can’t take all of YOU and your situation into account.

This is why you so often see people trying diet after diet and never actually getting into the shape that they desire. They start with a motivated attitude, stick to their diet for a while, and get down when they don’t see results. This happens over and over for one major reason… They didn’t take into account how the diet would work for them. The truth is that each of our bodies react to foods in slightly different ways because we have a metabolism tuned to the way we typically eat, a society that puts anything we want at our fingertips, and a lifetime of habitual eating preferences.

In order to finally reach our goal, we need to understand what our bodies need and the cause-and-effect relationship that our bodies have with food. This all starts by building awareness. There are many ways you can do this but the simplest is to have your doctor run a lab test to determine any nutrient deficiencies or hormonal imbalances that may be occurring unbeknownst to us in our bodies.

For instance, take your sensitivity to insulin. Insulin, a hormone produced in our bodies, has two main purposes: to improve access to protein energy for muscles and to store glucose and fatty acids for later use. This basically means that when you are highly active it helps keep your body from destroying your muscles for energy and stores some of the excess energy to use later. The more you improve your sensitivity to insulin, the better you will perform in athletic activities and the more weight you will likely use. When you are insulin resistant like most of the current US population, however, this works against you. Your body produces more insulin due to your low level of sensitivity and you store more in body fat.

If you are over 25% body fat, then you are likely insulin resistant. A low-carb diet is important to keep your insulin level down. You can also heighten your sensitivity by eliminating fructose from your diet other than whole fruit once or twice a day. This includes high fructose corn syrup or any fruit juices.

This completely changes if you are just trying to lose that last 15 pounds, however. Because you are more likely to be sensitive to insulin, a low-carb diet can destroy your energy levels and drop your metabolism and begin storing more fat. This causes the yo-yo dieting we are so familiar with.

Insulin sensitivity is just one of the factors that may be affecting your weight. The most important thing is that you design a diet around YOU. If you’d like to talk about your own challenges with weight and how you can start a path towards improving your health, make an appointment with Dr. Mercer today.

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