Erectile Dysfunction



Sometimes called “impotence,” erectile dysfunction, or ED, is the repeated inability to get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. The word “impotence” may also be used to describe other problems that interfere with sexual intercourse and reproduction, such as lack of sexual desire and problems with ejaculation or orgasm. Using the term erectile dysfunction makes it clear that those other problems are not involved.

Nearly every man at some point has an issue with erectile dysfunction as a result of fatigue, stress, or side effects from a new medication. In most cases, there is a physical reason for erectile dysfunction. Even though ED occurs more often in older men, aging is not the cause.

You should not be embarrassed to talk to your doctor about ED. In fact, it is very important that you do so. Chronic erectile dysfunction is often related to more serious health conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes. Once an underlying cause is identified, treating it may resolve the erectile dysfunction symptom. Don’t miss an opportunity to recognize the signs your body is giving you of serious medical conditions.

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