Does calorie counting help you lose weight?

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Does calorie counting help you lose weight?

There are many fad diets that people look to in order to get to a healthy weight. One of the most common has always been counting the amount of calories that you intake. This sounds great on the surface because if you put less calories into your body than you need then your body should process its own stored energy in order to perform its daily functions. The truth however is that weight management is a little more complicated than that.


Your body’s metabolism is the rate at which it burns energy in order to perform its daily function. It may burn energy from fats, proteins, carbohydrates that have been processed by the body or that you have recently eaten. However, as your body gets used to lower intakes of food, it naturally adjust in order to save and conserve energy. In the past, this was important for our survival and the changing amount of food that would be available during the year. Today, though, we don’t see the same shifts in the amount of food available to us. Because of this, when we severely limit our diet to lose weight, it doesn’t really give us the results we want. And if we go too far with it, our body starts burning our muscles to gain energy before it uses the reserves we have built up.

Using Metabolism to Our Advantage

Metabolism goes through a cycle. As you eat less and less or take on a brand new diet, your body and your metabolism become used to it. In order to maintain a high level of metabolism, we need to use this cycle to our advantage. One of the easiest ways to do that is through a “cheat day”. While you may think of a cheat day as just a way to make a diet easier on yourself, is actually much more important than that. The best way is to pick one cheat day per week. Based on the normal person’s metabolic cycle, this will allow their metabolism to remain high while they enjoy the benefits of a typical diet.

This may sound a little counterintuitive, but when you take time to purposefully overeat once a week, you jump your metabolism back up. Studies have shown that utilizing a cheat day as part of your diet may actually help you lose more weight. Not only does it provide you an outlet to eat your favorite foods, it also reset your metabolism back to a higher level. By precisely timing when you overeat, you can maximize your effectiveness in your diet.
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