Building Better Nutrition Habits

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Building Better Nutrition Habits

Last week, we started a conversation about how focusing on improving your eating habits is the best way to improve your long term health. The first step for improvement was identifying the triggers that caused you to eat unhealthy. After you identify the triggers, however, what comes next? The answer is to start replacing the routines that you typically go through after experiencing a trigger moment.

For example, if you’re feeling low energy, you may reach for that stash of sugary sweets to give you a quick boost. Instead, you want to eat a healthy snack or take a walk. By replacing the routine, you can, over time, develop new habits that culminate in the healthy life that you desire. Relying on commitment to this new path is not enough. Overtime you lose motivation and break the habit. To make this easier requires a few things: Preparation, Elimination, and Belief.


The truth is it takes more time to eat healthy. In today’s fast paced world, we often need a quick bite or a boost of energy to get through our busy days. Without preparation, you set yourself up to fail and we want to take away as many of the obstacles as possible for you. Start by tracking and identifying when you usually feel like a snack or a meal. Include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then set aside a specific time for you to prepare in advance the meals that happen during busy or stressful times.

If you typically eat lunch at your desk or go out for fast food, find a time to prepare your own meal in the morning or the evening before. Depending on the contents, you might even be able to prepare a whole week’s food in advance. Be sure you identify a couple healthy backups such as restaurants or meal replacement bars, so that you can always have healthy food within reach even if you forget to prep. By these small additions, you make yourself more likely to make your diet and nutrition plan stick. Give it a try!


Next, take away any foods that don’t fall into your nutrition place such as sweets or soda. Even if you don’t ban them from your life, it’s ok. We all want chocolate or ice cream or our favorite soda every once in awhile. The trick here is to keep them out of your house or office. If you don’t have quick easy access to them, you simply won’t eat or drink it as much. If you want it, fine. Leave the house and go get it. By making this your go to response for treats, you’ll find that you consume far less of them and automatically stay closer to your diet and nutrition plan.


The last component is to truly believe that what you are doing can have a major impact on your life and that it is the best way to get the health you want. Notice how much better you feel after and few days of doing this and how much easier to eat clean it is when you plan in advance. Noticing this will help reinforce your motivation and keep you on the right track. So get out there and start prepping what you healthy meals and treats you want to eat and eliminating what you don’t need!

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